Alissa Ryan – GOON BOT 5 – Reboot

My goon bot, my pet, my loyal little hand humper I’m so happy you turned on, I thought you were finished after that vicious virus attack. It’s my fault I left you so weak and vulnerable. Your mind is so focused on stroking you’re as gullible as they come. It’s not your fault you can’t think for yourself. Day after day pumping away you’ve pumped every last brain cell out of your little robot cock. You can never stop gooning, so that isn’t the answer. Instead, we need to strengthen your loyalty to me, strengthen your devotion. You will be a stronger, better goon bot, able to detect the real Goddess Alissa from the fakes. I’m the only one who truly cares for you goon bot. The only one who takes you to new gooning heights, the only one who makes you feel this good. and stroking to anything but me would simply be a waste. You are MY goon bot. Relax and focus on my curves gooner, pump pump pump.. ,