Alyssa Reece – Forever Teased And Denied

Look at how hot my ass looks in this skin tight little dress. You know you could never have my ass, I am always going to deny you. I love teasing you and making you want it so badly. My perfect ass cheeks right in your face. This is as close to my ass as you are ever going to get and you will still do anything to worship it, I love using my ass to toy with you, making you do whatever I want. You love jerking for my ass while being denied. You are so weak when I spread my ass to tease you with my perfect asshole. Do you love being denied by my asshole? I know you do, it makes you so horny. I’m always going to keep teasing you, you know that right? You know you are aways going to be teased mercilessly and denied.You’re always going to want it and you’ll always come back for it.. ,