Ariel Anderssen – My Jeans My Ass Your Ass Fetish

I know how you love to stare at my ass when I’m wearing tight jeans, and since I like the attention, I’m happy to give you a really close up view as I bend over right in front of you, stretching the tight denim over the curves of my butt and driving you wild. But I can’t help wondering if this is only half the story. Do you love my ass in jeans, or is it cos you’re imagining what my ass looks like UNDER my jeans? Well, since I like you so much, perhaps I should show you, and help you find out. I peel down the denim, and reveal my round ass, clad in nothing but a tiny thong. Do you like that? Does that make you even more hard? And how much more exciting would it be if I removed the thong and bent over for you, like this? And WHAT does it make you want to do? Are you imagining FUCKING MY ASS? And if so, would you like it if I spread my ass for you so that you can see my asshole, nice and close up? And now, since we’re here, don’t you want to actually FUCK my ass?. ,