AstroDomina - BETA MANTRAS feat AstroDomina (HD MP4)

AstroDomina – BETA MANTRAS feat AstroDomina (HD MP4)

1920 x 1080p HD — Are you ready for a proper mindfuck, beta boy? I think it’s time we really dug into who you really are..

Goddess Sydney already knows you’re a loser beta bitch, but she really wants to make sure that you truly know that you are too. So she’s going to lead you through a slow, humiliating discussion all about why you aren’t a real man. First off, go ahead and get naked for her. This will only make you feel even more vulnerable. Wow, look at you, you just undressed completely on command without question. How pathetic! Do you want her to get naked for you? Do you think you deserve to see her naked? No woman in their right mind would ever get naked for you. Remember, that’s only for real men and you’re definitely not one of those.

So what is it about you really? Your small, shriveled dick? Your loser attitude? Your lack of any redeeming qualities? Sydney will go over all of these one by one, breaking you down to your beta inner core, and drill down every single worthless thing about you in that brain of yours. You don’t even like women do you? Maybe that’s why you can’t get hard, maybe you should just become a cock sucker for real alpha men, that definitely sounds like a more suitable role for you. She will even make you admit it out loud for her while you rub your little dick with two fingers. In fact she will have several mantras for you to say for you to reinforce just how much of a loser you are.

“I am not a real man”

“I don’t deserve pussy”

“I’m a tiny dicked beta”

“I’m a cock sucking faggot”

You will learn and repeat these mantras over and over, until they’re permanently etched into your being. You’re a little dick beta and will always be one. Just face it. Some people were meant to be alphas and others were meant to be betas, and by the end of this super humiliating, mesmerizing mind fuck, there will be no question in your mind which one you are. But don’t worry, you can always find purpose in serving her and sucking dick for her. That’s the only fate for a tiny dicked beta like you!