Blonde Princess Sharon – Fb Takeover Blackmail-fantasy Exposure-fantasy Task August 2022

May be you have played with me previous time when i wanted to takeover your social media account. This time too i will be taking over your fb, and you will be giving me the login credentials to do so. Now, i am going to tell you what sort of information to send alongwith, and how to prepare your fb account for the takeover. Listen to me carefully and follow along. Once i takeover the fb account, i will start with the blackmail-fantasy process, if you give in and be my obedient compliant servant, then of course you wont have any issues, you will be safe, totally. But if you disobey and not do your tasks properly, i am going to expose-fantasy you and that too on fb, on your own account so that you entire fam, friends, relatives and even co-workers, colleagues will come to know about you and that will totally ruin your life and career. Yes, this is risky and scary, but whats the fun otherwise in playing safe? If you try to be smart and give me some fake random account details, know that, i will be exposing-fantasy your information online on various other platforms, as you deserve that definitely.. ,