BritishGirl – Neutrum Genus Facility

Pt 1: (Outwitted, Honeypotting, Medical Facility, Evil Doctor, Light Bondage): This is an introduction. I love the character of an evil doctor — and, well, every great villain deserves a lair! By day, she’s an upstanding psychiatrist, but in her off hours she takes a deeper role in the rehabilitation of men. Neutrum Genus is her seemingly posh mental health retreat. Lurking beneath the aromatherapy and voluptuous staff are devious experiments which seek to reprogram men. The subject of this encounter was recommended to the doctor by his spurned ex. While exes are notorious for grudges and exaggerations, the doctor is willing to see past all that… As I said, this is an introduction which goes through how a man might find himself unwittingly placed in her grasp — but a strong foundation is necessary! Pt 2: (Medical, Mad Scientist, Shaving, Electricity, Strap-On,) After unwittingly signing himself over to the doctor, our poor man becomes subject to the doctor’s full attention. In this initiation session, she’s just tendering him up for the work yet to come… Over 38 minutes, total!. ,