Brook Logan – Dirty Sock Licker

There you are you dirty little sock licker! !!! I have made my socks so dirty for you ha ha ha i know how much you like it! And i love seeing all that dirty mud all over your tongue ha ha ha ha! You should feel so honoured to be licking mud of my socks!! so lick them good you little bitch!!! I am going to put these muddy socks in your face and your going to suck the mud from them and lick them like a complete little bitch!!! Lick them good!!! Does all that mud taste good in your mouth ha ha ha good!! Now swallow it all!!! ha ha ha ha you dirty little sock licker!!! ha ha ha ha you worship those amazing muddy socks bitch!!! I love it you do anything i say ha ha ha ha My little sock licking bitch. ,