Club Stiletto – Worshiping Mercy’s Body and Being Her Toilet

This is a super hot POV with just Mistress Mercy and you. As the scene opens she is just waking up from a nap, laying on her stomach with her scrumptious ass on full display, and says she feels super groggy. “I know how to wake up” she says and then tells you body worship is what she needs. She bends a leg and pulls off a sock and tells you to come lick her sole and then between each toe. “Up and down the sole” she directs you and says that your tongue feel good on her foot. She removes the other sock and tells you to sniff it before directing you to worship that sole as well. “I haven’t had a shower in 3 or 4 days” she tells you. Her feet are tacky and stinky and you need to lick them completely, everywhere.The foot action makes her more alert and then she realizes she is going to have to take a dump soon. “Why should I get up to do that when I’m tired and you are right here?” she asks. She moves the fabric covering her butt hole and tells you to sniff it. She says if you do a good job being her toilet she might let you take her panties to bed with you. She then pulls them down, she needs a deep rimming. “A tongue in my asshole always loosens me up” she says and then tells you to kiss the hole and tell her how much you love her ass and how badly you want to be her toilet. “You want me piss and my chocolate, don’t you?” she says. She says sadly she is not having her period but don’t worry she will spit on you, after all anything that comes from her body is a blessing. Suddenly she lets out a real wet fart and tells you get your tongue in deeper. “Tongue fuck me and taste me” she tells you. Now she wants your lips around her anus. She lets out another massive fart and then it happens. “Give me a big smile while you eat it” she tells you and then says to use your spit to get it all down. Then you can lick her hole and crack clean. No mess… impressive. “I think you’ve found your life calling, I’m going to call my girlfriends over to use you too” she says.. ,