Empress Jennifer – Breaking Boundaries

you should be so ashamed. We both know you haven’t been doing your best. That you have half assed this whole thing..Serving, giving; living. I mean, if you’re slacking with Me, you must be slacking everywhere else too. If you disagree, you’re an idiot. if you’re only giving 50 percent here, where’s all the rest of your energy? Vice versa. you’re definitely fucking up on life. Seriously, if you keep this up, you’re going to die so unsatisfied. Never knowing what it’s like to give your all. you must think watching My videos and twitter is enough. you must think that buying clips is considered showing adoration. NO. All it shows is you have an obsession with Me. NOT ENOUGH. This year, I want to break your boundaries. I want you to try harder than you ever thought you could. I WANT MORE. I deserve to have you give without getting.This year, I want more things and money. I’m here to liberate you. relieve you from your confusion and give you a chance to have a real power exchange. I want you to stretch, bend and break all boundaries. Mental, physical, emotional and financial. Sexy Goddess says so.. ,