FionaDagger – Burglar Milks & Humiliates You

(This was originally filmed as a custom video) You’ve caught a young woman attempting to rob your home, but you can’t hide how horny she makes you with her skin tight black leggings, and she quickly picks up on your weakness! Sensing you’re lonely and desperate, she commands you to sit down and take out your cock, telling you that she’ll get you off if you agree to let her go and let her keep all the jewelry she’s found in your home! Not even the thought of your wife napping upstairs can stop you from quickly sitting down and whipping out your aching hard cock, and the burglar laughs at how ready you are! She begins stroking you, occasionally slapping your dick around as she mocks you for being so desperate that you’d let someone rob you just to get off… You can’t contain your moans of pleasure and your wife comes downstairs, catching you at the mercy of the burglar! The burglar makes your wife watch, mocking her for not taking care of your needs, and for having such a horny pathetic husband… She sucks your cock until you’re ready to explode, then jacks you off until you empty your sack all over her hands as she informs your wife that you’ve promised she can leave with all her precious jewelry! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, tattoos, tattooed, posh accent, solo female, roleplay, homewrecker,, mean, robber, hanedjob, blowjob, cumshot, dildo stroking, cuck, cucking, home invasion, burglary. ,