Fionadagger - Pegged In A Medical Trial

Fionadagger – Pegged In A Medical Trial

(This was originally filmed as a custom video and can be watched as a sequel to Fucked In A Medical Trial, but it’s not necessary) You’ve arrived for your second visit as part of the medical trial you signed up for. The doctor asks you some general check up questions about your health and sexual habits since your last appointment, then explains that the dose this time will be a little different. She tells you that you should still expect the same sensations of euphoria and suggestibility, but this time there will be a couple of other effects that she wants you to focus on. You take the pill from her and are surprised by how quickly it kicks in, with a warm rush of joy coming over you, as well as a new sense of submissiveness. You find yourself hanging on the doctor’s every word, and wanting to do whatever she tells you. She calmly suggests that you get down on your knees, and you obey her instantly. She seems pleased by this reaction and takes some notes about what a strong reaction you appear to be having to the medication. She gets you to remove your shirt and twist your nipples for her, and confirms with you that the pain in your nipples is now in fact feeling very pleasurable. She notices that you have an erection and examines it closely, taking lots of notes and gently touching and lifting it with her pen. She gives your balls a hard squeeze and seems amused when you breathlessly thank her, noting down that the patient has become very submissive indeed. She questions you about your experience, and seems pleased when you tell her you have none at all. She asks you if you would enjoy something being inserted into your anus right now, and you find yourself agreeing enthusiastically! She gets you to lie back on the examination table and pull back your legs, exposing yourself completely as she takes her time putting on a strap on and taking notes out loud. She begins to fuck you slowly, taking notes in a cool, detached voice as she narrates you becoming more and more desperate and debased. She remains detached and professional as she pounds you harder and harder, until finally you’re begging incoherently for her to let you cum. Instead of answering or acknowledging your desperate cries, she simply fucks you harder, narrating your condition, until you just can’t help yourself and a huge load of cum shoots out of your cock and covers your torso all over, leaving you sticky and trembling with and joy! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, posh accent, medical, doctor, nurse, bedside manner, cold, professional, personal attention, examination, solo female, roleplay, pegging, strap on, strap-on, strapon, dildo, pov, femdom, domme, submissive and breedable, mind wash, mindwash, brain wash, slut training, sissy training, cfnm, clothed female nude male