Goddess Athalia – Yoga Pants (Deluxe Edition)

Goons pant, slaves pant, you all pant for yoga pants. I know about your not-so-secret obsession with ladies in athleisure wear, and am here to exploit it as only I can. Just try keeping your hand out of your gym shorts as I spread your mind wide and pluck out out what’s left of your self control. I know all about your dirty yoga pants fantasies. The nasty things you think at the gym. Your savage urge to fuck a fitness bunnie raw and leave her fancy little yoga pants in tatters. The only thing naughtier than having these fantasies is having me lay them out for you in filthy detail, with mesmeric power. The colors and styles of her favorite fitness wear are just as diverse as the treasures they contain – firm assess, sweaty pussies – and nothing but a millimeter of fabric separating you from it all. Your yoga pants fetish is just one mindfuck away from turning into madness, and no one mindfucks harder than me. If you’re a sucker for a girl in yoga pants, spoil yourself with this session and marvel at how your fetish gets both better and worse than you ever imagined it could be. (P.S. I dare you to listen to this one at the gym;). ,