Goddess Blonde Kitty – Compelled To Serve

I’m sure you’re nervous for your first time, but just trust me. The agency told you that all you need to do is to watch me, listen to me, and feel pleasure with me. No need to think or do anything, just relax! Just take a little sip of my drink and feel that need to be in control just melt away as you sink into relaxation. There we go, nice and relaxed. Just let my voice empty that mind of yours. Let my commands wash over you as you watch me tease you. You know that you’d never have a chance with a woman like me if you weren’t paying for it. And, little pet, you still don’t have a chance. But the night isn’t a total bust, you see as you sniff, I’ll program you to think you actually had sex with me. I’ll going to make sure that you THINK you have never felt this good before. Just know that by the time I’m finished with you, your mind will be so broken you won’t remember a thing except this need to please me. You will belong to me, and when you cum, you will be my puppet for life. Custom Clip – Name used: James. ,