Goddess Brianna Beretta – Gone for Goon – Mind Rinsing Edging Encouragement

WARNING: THIS AUDIO IS DESIGNED TO MAKE YOU MORE ADDICTED TO EDGING. LISTENING MAY RESULT IN LOSS OF SOCIAL SKILLS, LACK OF REST, CONSTANT AROUSAL, DECREASED INTELLIGENCE, AND LACK OF INTEREST IN ANYTHING NOT PORNOGRAPHIC. When was the last time you tried to be normal? It’s difficult, I know. It’s so hard to go back to regular life once you’ve started gooning. Nothing compares to the feeling of constantly edging yourself for hours at a time. So give up and give in for good! It’s time to stop pretending that you don’t want to spend every hour in front of a screen wanking it to all your favorite porn goddesses while you leak gallons of precum. Just let this play as you goon and you’ll find all the encouragement you need to completely give up any hopes of living a normal life. The old you is gone for good. From now on, you’ll be Gone for Goon.. ,