Goddess Dommelia – Told You So

Wanna take a photo, loser? It’ll last longer. You can’t help but stare at me in my little teeny tiny pink bikini and this slightly see-through white top. I can tell from the way you’re looking at me just how weak you are for my hot body. If I were you, I’d walk away right now because this is not going to end well for you. But we both know you’re far too drawn in to leave or even look away for a second. We both know you’re not going to be able to resist jerking off to my perfect body, even though you know a weak boy like you cumming to a hot goddess like me will become very dangerous for you. But you can’t resist as I remove my top and command you to start stroking. You mindlessly obey as the urges take over. Stroking and pumping under my orders, it feels so, so good. Weak, overpowered and under my spell, you’d do anything to cum for me, but I’m going to continue to tease you a little further as you edge for me. Then, once I’ve got you completely mesmerised and hanging off my every word, I’ll count you down for the nice big juicy orgasm you’re so desperately craving. I’ve got you completely wrapped around my little finger now, haven’t I? I did warn you that you were playing a dangerous game…. ,