Goddess Lindsey – More Than A Game

I get why this matters so much to you. Every time you drop to your knees and edge to Me, it’s more than that. you care deeply about proving yourself to Me. If you fail, you not only don’t get your “good boy”, but you disappoint Me…and that’s something you just never want. These little edging games have opened up a small space for intimacy in your life. Intimacy looks different for you and it’s been a long time since you fought that. This is your sex life. This is your everything. Pumping your cock obediently to Goddess is more than a game to you, it’s your world. Clinging to the rush as you add this clip to your cart, you turn your phone off and shut the lights. Nothing will distract you now, it’s us time. use codes IWANT markUP,,, idiot tax for 300% and NotEnough for 500% markUP.. ,