GoddessFootDomination – Yearly Check-up POV

It’s time for your yearly check-up, and behind the closed doors of her examination room, Goddess Brianna has a few clinical recommendations for your doctor-patient relationship. She has noticed your lingering stares at her beautiful, tattooed feet and sexy shoes each time you come in to her office, and today she is wearing her shiny, patent leather platform heels just for you. Dr. Brianna asks you to drop to your knees, look upon her long, toned legs, and sniff the scent of her sweaty soles as they dangle in front of your face. After a whole year of admiring her feet, Goddess Brianna wants you to show her how much you love her wrinkled soles and curved arches by presenting to her a big, fat erection worthy of her attention. Taste her perfectly pedicured feet with your face pressed up against her sweet, moist arches, inhaling the smell of her. and stroke your cock for your Goddess–those are the doctor’s orders. The Goddess instructs you to work your cock in your hands as you worship her, bringing yourself to a healthy climax all over her gorgeous feet. When you’re finished, she needs you to lick up the mess you’ve spilled on the tops of her feet. Be sure to come back for regular visits… your Goddess doesn’t want to wait long for your next appointment.. ,