Lady Mesmeratrix – AURA

Look at my Aura. Never stop looking at me. Fade to black in the deepest trance. You reached the dark abyss of your brain. Your fucked up brain. Look at the circles, the circles of your slavery. Your mind’s completely enslaved, under my control, you’re going to obey my Aura. Hipnotized by my Aura. My Aura is r a p i n g you, it hurts your mind, it hurts your eyes, but the only thing you want is to be under my control. You’re brain is my hands, just to be torn apart. I tear your brain apart. Let your mind get darker. You’re getting HIPNOTIZED, BRAINFUCKED , MINDCONTROLLED. Memorize these words. You’re on LSD. Obey my Aura. ************* featuring: mesmerize, mindfuck, mindcontrol, Mesmerizing, special effects, STRONG binaural beats.. ,