Lady Suzanne – Sexy arrangement

Clip request (name Dave is used): Clip idea is where you are entertaining your landlord for the nominal rent day. “It’s so nice of you darling to let me stay in your flat rent-free. And even better that you send me the amount of the rent to my bank account! I love our arrangement. Now you want me to do a striptease for you in the flat? You want me to give you my bra for you to take home? Darling you are so naughty having such thoughts. But since you have been such a good boy paying me to live in your apartment I will do a slow sexy strip for you. I’ll even put on music while I take off my clothes! But I’m not ready yet to show you my boobs. I can only strip down to my underwear and high heels. I will give you my bra but I will put my top back on straight away. I don’t want you to come when you are looking at my breasts. You haven’t been my landlord for long enough yet for that.”. ,