Lady Vi – Fuck Your Palm’ Sunday

It’s the beginning of UnHoly Week at the Church of Satanatrix and we kick it off with our annual “Fuck Your Palm” Sunday service. It’s time to indulge one of our favorite sins, lust. And it’s the one time of the year when Lady Vi’s parishioners and are permitted to release. This year we welcome you, our newest parishioner, to participate in the festivities. It is time to relinquish your allegiance to false idols and commit yourself to a God worthy of your devotion. A God who truly see’s you for what you are, a filthy little sacrilegious pig waiting to feed. It is time to strip away all the repression that binds you. Take communion of the flesh; pledge your loyalty to the Satanatrix and join her congregation. Real scenes, authentic and unscripted. Featuring: Lady Vi. ,