London Lix – All Day Control JOI

You’ll be under my control all day today, from the moment you wake up to right before retiring to bed. The first part of this clip sees me power dressed and ready to control your orgasm. I know you like to jerk before work, and today you have me giving you your masturbation instructions. They might involve a bit of teasing, light and even some pain, but you’ll eat it up I’m sure. Being controlled by Boss Lix feels so good. I leave you edged, teased and denied, ready to go work for me with my big tits, long legs and sexy heels on your mind all day long. Only at the end of the night do you get a reward for your hard work and orgasm denial, returning to find me in designer lingerie, garter and stockings, ready to walk you through more. Whether you’ll get to cum or not remains a mystery though, with a different ending every time you watch this.. ,