London Lix – Foot Cuck

One thing I love about cuckolding is watching men get so jealous over what another man (whom I deem worthy) gets from me. Mostly this is sex, of course, but you’re a little more pathetic than that. I can’t rub in your face that my man gets this pussy, is treated to titjobs and blowjobs, because you know these are off limits to you. They’re not even a factor in your sex life. You’ve replaced sex with other fetishes, like feet. But this is perfect, because you are cucked so hard in this respect every day. I want to tease you today with everything my man gets that would drive YOU wild – foot fetish wise. From laundering my dirty socks, to seeing me slip off sweaty gym sneakers, to rubbing my feet at the end of a long day, to picking out heels for date night. He doesn’t even realize these things could be sexual, and yet they are, to a guy like you. He gets to see my pretty toes in the sand, by the pool, wiggling in a bubble bath. He gets to see every new pedicure & yes…gets those footjobs you’d leak so hard to even witness. Stroke to foot cuckery, my little pet.. ,