London Lix – Sissy Chastity Training Part 4

[Custom clip. The name Jessica or Sissy Jessica is used. This is the fourth in a series of 5 clips designed to train one of my sissy subs. Each clip contains elements of: bodysuit, chastity, orgasm control/denial, blackmail and sissification]I think that you just love having your power removed, don’t you? Me completely taking control of your cock, and your life, literally immobilizing you, rendering you useless physically, is such a sweet relief to you from the pressures of every day life. You don’t fear bondage; rather you crave it. In being tied down, you are made completely free. Devoid of responsibility. With me in control, you can just ‘be’. This power exchange for you manifests as emasculation in the form of sissification, sexual control in the form of keyholding and chastity, but also physical control today with bondage. Let’s see how much fun we can have controlling your orgasm as you’re to watch me in this shiny leotard, as you can barely move…You will need non-key handcuffs and bondage tape.. ,