Madam Director – Deeply Erotic Full Toilet Training

As you lay on the bathroom floor, I pack my movement deep into your mouth. You are going to swallow for me today for the first time. You will swallow it all. I know you will. Do you know why I packed your mouth? Because I want you to eroticize filth. I stroke your cock while your mouth is full. You will learn to beg for my waste. You will beg me for it because the only time that you will be allowed to orgasm will be when you are serving as my toilet. The feeling of being out of chastity is the feeling of being my toilet. When you cum I’m going to make you swallow that, too. Right as you climax, I make you swallow what I’ve packed into your mouth. As I make you swallow your ejaculate, I tell you that this is also part of your training for accepting waste. Soon, it will not just be your own semen, but my lover’s as well. Every time he fucks me and cums inside me I’m going to save the contents of the condom. One day I’m going to dump massive quantities of semen down your throat along with various other forms of our bodily waste. (8:36 long). ,