Madam Director – Mental Health Professional takes Control

1080 HD You’ve been seeing a mental health professional who specializes in FDT. FDT stands for Training. It’s a type of behavioral conditioning that helps the patient recognize that he is inferior to women and that his inferiority is the root of all his depression and anxiety. As your conditioning progresses you take on the role of ‘object’ for the use of your practitioner. You sign documents relinquishing your personhood and exist now solely for the use of your FDT practitioner. In this session, your practitioner talks about your inferior penis size. She tells you that it is this lack which makes you a beta male, inferior to all women. It’s time to give up this obsession with your penis. You don’t need to concern yourself with your pleasure at all anymore. In place, your FDT practitioner displays an adequately sized dildo. You will have to accept servicing and being fucked by this adequately sized dildo so that you can come to fully accept the inferiority of your own penile length and girth. Before getting fucked, of course, you need to be locked. Being caged will reinforce the idea that none of this is about your little penis or your pleasure at all. You won’t be allowed any orgasms anymore unless your mental health professional says it’s ok. (10:16 long). ,