Madam Director – Optimize your Slave Training Quarantine

In this clip I explain how the isolation, chaos, and panic of a global pandemic can create optimal conditions for slave training, particularly as it relates to the domestic. I discuss how slave training during a quarantine is optimal because your slave cannot avoid or run from whatever tasks or training You decide are right for him. Now is a great time to push harder as a slave’s options for escape are limited. This is a good time for Dominants to reflect on how they personally want to utilize their slaves, subs, husbands or boyfriends to meet their needs best, which can include acts of service or fetishes that you enjoy, but that your submissive claims he is not really into. Quarantine, if utilized properly, can become an environment of full emersion. You can really push your slave further and deeper into submission by utilizing the limited distraction from the outside world to deepen his submission and devotion to You and Your desires. In isolation from the outside world is the optimal time to push past resistance and bend his mind towards whatever thought implantation or brainwash you want him to respond to. Quarantine creates really the most perfect conditions for thought influencing.. ,