Madam Director – Poolside Toilet for Summertime Brats

1080 HD Toilet! Summer is finally here and I’m so excited! Some of my friends from Brat Princess and me are going to go to the resort we go to every year for vacation. We are going to need a toilet to serve us poolside because remember how far the ladies’ room was from the swimming area? Of course, we are not going to pee in the swimming area. We are going to pee in your mouth! All of us! After I tell you that I am going to turn you into a poolside toilet for all the girls I show off my bikini. It’s ok to look at my tits and ass because you are in chastity. You’re going to agree to be a toilet for us all right, dummy? Time to start your training! I show you the device that the girls and I are going to use when you are our toilet poolside. Then, I pull aside my bikini. I’m ready to go right now, so you better keep your mouth open and get ready to swallow. (8:31 long). ,