Madam Director – The Truth About Female Copulance

1080 HD This truth is going to be very frightening to you, but I think that ultimately it is better the males know. Women have the ability to completely control the male mind. This is something that you have probably always suspected. The way in which we do this to you, though, is probably something that you have never considered. We control the male mind through our natural female copulins. What are copulins and how are females using them to you and hijack your thoughts? Watch this clip to find out the many ways in which we can get our copulance into you. Once the poison has infected your body, we then have the ability to alter memories, implant suggestions, and bend you to our will. You will want to get this clip because women have probably been doing this to you for years and in this clip, you will learn exactly how we do it. All women are designed by nature to produce male drones for the workforce. It is just how nature works, which is maybe a little scary to you, but nature is often ruthless and scary. The question is, once you know how women are controlling your thoughts and behavior, will you want to avoid us? I believe this clip will make most males very afraid of all women but at the same time unable to avoid the danger. (12:04 long). ,