Madam Director – Toilet Mindwash Loop

1080 HD I have one slave that is very resistant to the idea of becoming a human toilet. He is, nevertheless, wonderfully devoted in many other ways. I created this brainwash loop for him. My goal is to continue to make his mind and personality more and more malleable. I want him to be completely dedicated to me. I especially want him dedicated to me in ways he is initially resistant to. I need to know that he is putting my wants ahead of his own. Ideally, this brainwash loop will erase his shreds of resistance and help to make him into the toilet that I want him to be. I think he will make a truly great toilet, once he gets over having his own ideas. He has been assigned to watch this tape every day. This is a real treat for him because he is almost never allowed out of chastity to masturbate. He loves to masturbate, so I’ll use this vice to train him into the behavior I want to see.  The tape even allows him to have a full orgasm. However, he must have the orgasm to the images I choose for him to view. For the next month, he is only allowed sexual climax to toilet imagery. Hopefully, soon, his sexual identity will be reframed around the notion of serving as a woman’s toilet. My goal is that eventually he will only be sexually aroused by the idea of being a toilet. Wish me good results with this little project!. ,