Madam Director – You Will be My Full Human Toilet

1080 HD It’s time we moved on with your training. I want to work on your ability to perform as a full human toilet, more than just pee. I ask that you follow a small point of light moving about the screen until you feel nice and relaxed. While you are deeply relaxed I remove your ability to think for yourself. You will be an object from now on and objects don’t think. As you continue to relax, I guide you to visualize your body as a part of the floor and your mouth as a hole in the floor. We work on imagining your mouth as a hole in the floor and your body as a septic tank. I encourage you to keep your mouth open wide as your jaw relaxes. While you are helpless and deeply relaxed, I discuss what your responsibilities will be as my full human toilet, during which I implant the suggestion that you will begin to crave the things that come from my body. I casually enjoy a cup of coffee while I fuck your mind. The coffee quickly runs through me and I feel the need to go. I pee, standing, while you imagine it going into your mouth and down into your septic system. I remind you that pee is just the beginning. We will keep working on everything else that good toilets swallow. At the end of this clip is a little looped video. (13:05 long). ,