It’s time to sit on those hands and let me fuck over your mind, stroking your cock with my words as you fuck the air in a hot horny weak mess… A large portion of this clip is MESMERIZE, it’s going to build up that adrenaline rush that you have searching for, that intense love rush that’ll give you the most POWERFUL Hands free ORGASM you’ve EVER experienced.Many of you know how powerful my HFO clips are, well, this one sits right at the top of the most erotically charged clips I’ve EVER released, the build up will be so erotic you will lay there with your hard cock thrusting the air drooling chasing that ADRENALINE PUMP you crave, it builds and builds until your leaking uncontrollably  Please we aware it may take a few times to HFO, it all comes with practice, the more you listen and watch, the more I condition the fuck out of you hehhhee ( You know I love you to mess with your head) a mindfucked zombie craving release this IS REAL Mesmerize, you will be mindfucked during this clip, so please at the end of this clip do not stand up quickly, please remain seated and let your eyes adjust to your surroundings.. ,