Mistress Nylons – Get Teased And Trapped In Chastity

I am luring you with my body in sexy corset with garters and nylons attached to them, just to tell you I have a surprise for you, and as I keep teasing you, I showy you the cage I have ready for you. Once I have you trapped, I tease you even more. There’s no point of you being in chastity if I don’t torment you with my tease. I show you where the key is going: on a necklace around my neck, and so close to the cleavage, so that I frustrate you even more. You feel your cock getting so squeezed by the cage the moment I let you worship my ass and cleavage. I do this on purpose…getting closer to you and leaning over so you go crazy for my cleavage. I then tell you the news: you’re gonna be in chastity for a very long time!. ,