Mistress Nylons – Play The Jerking Off And Edging Game

Teasing you in shiny tight catsuit, without a bra on, sexy high heels on, and making you jerk off for me, telling you exactly how to do it. You like your cock controlled by a powerful Goddess, as you worship her, this is why you are going to enjoy this so much, especially since I am also edging you. It is not a simple jerking off video, I made it in the form of a game, so that it is more exciting for you. The basic rule of the game is following the movement of my zipper when I play with it, it will guide you whether to jerk off faster or slwoly. Instructions included inside! At times my teasing seems to be followed by so much denial, because of so much edging, and it brings you so close that you feel like you want to be controlled all the way, and you ask for my permission, so that you are counted down. Feels so good to be controlled all the way!. ,