Nina Crowne – Girlfriend Overstimulates You

After a few dates together, the girl you’ve been seeing invites you to stay over. She’s excited for this next step and tells you goodnight. In the morning she wakes you up and you’re tied to the bed. While you were in bed she went through your phone and found your porn history. Now that she knows exactly what you like, she’s going to do it for you. All that overstimulation porn must mean you want that–and since you love each other she’ll do anything for you. She puts a ball gag in your mouth and starts stroking your hard cock. You cum very quickly but she doesn’t stop. You try to protest but the gag muffles you and she tells you to calm down, she’s going to do this because she *knows* you really want it. She keeps stroking you and sucking lightly as you squirm and try to get away to no avail.. ,