Nina Crowne – Medical Play Prostate Exam & Stockings

We’ve decided to do a medical play scene together where I dominate you. When I come into the room I’m wearing my surgical gown and nylon stockings with back seams. You’re already strapped onto my medical exam table with your feet in stirrups. I go over with you what the scene will entail–I am in complete and total control: I’m going to give you a prostate exam and make you orgasm as many times as I want, regardless of how uncomfortable it is for you. To begin, I pull on a pair of white latex surgical gloves. You’re already hard for me and I tease you about it. First, I lube up a suppository and hold it inside you until it dissolves. Then, I begin fingering your ass and massaging your prostate. Meanwhile, I go back and forth between my gloves hands or my stockinged foot over your mouth because I don’t want to hear any complaints. You orgasm once, but I keep going…like I said, I’m in complete control here and you’re going to cum as many times as I want you to.. ,