Nina Crowne – Nun Loses Her Virginity To You AUDIO ONLY

AUDIO ONLY of Nun Loses Her Virginity to You. As a nun who teaches young men about the Bible, I’ve been feeling temptation toward one of them. The video starts off with a prayer to God that I will be able to resist this temptation, that the lust I used to feel when I was young is back, and He helped me through it before and I know He can again. However, when I confront this student about it in the next scene, all my self-control goes out the window. I beg to see his penis, the first I’ve ever seen, in exchange for him to see my breasts. I show him, playing with them while he strokes himself in front of me. It’s not enough, though. I ask to touch him and he lets me. I give him the first handjob I’ve ever done, relishing in the feel of his big hard dick. It turns me on so much I ask him to take my virginity. He agrees and I ride him, breasts bouncing and loving how it feels. I can no longer live life as a nun–I want to run away with him and have him get me pregnant over and over again.. ,