Nina Crowne – Secretary Manipulates You

Your company is hiring for a new receptionist/secretary. I come in for an interview with you. I’m wearing a deep cut red silk shirt that shows my cleavage and a short silky black skirt. I immediately notice that you can’t keep your eyes off my body so I take full advantage of the situation. A little irritated, I call you out, letting you know that I see what you’re doing and I’m not happy about it. In order to keep this between us, you’re going to give me the job–and you’re going to pay me more than what you offered originally. A lot more. I show my beautiful big tits to you while I tell you how you’re going to give me everything I want and more so I don’t tell other people about this. You’re speechless but agree. I then come closer, feeling the bulge in your pants and eventually pulling out your cock to stroke it. It feels so good and I’m so hot you can’t help but give in. You better bet this isn’t the end, though. I’m going to milk you for all you’re worth.. ,