Nina Crowne – Seducing My Daddy

This is an enactment of one of my personal taboo fantasies. I come home from being out with my friends to find you, my daddy, seeming very uncomfortable with a pillow over your lap. I talk about how much fun I had with my friends out teasing boys, then ask you why you seem so uncomfortable, giggling the whole time. You don’t want to tell me that you have a boner, but you ask why I keep laughing. At first I won’t say, and I ask you about all the taboo porn I’ve found on the computer. Why do all those girls in the videos look like me, daddy? Do you ever think about me like that? I confess that this morning I put erection pills in the orange juice I gave you because I thought if you were super horny that you would be more easy to seduce. Ever since I found the porn I’ve wanted to do those things with you too. I know you’re hesitant to cross that line so today we don’t have to go very far. I promise I won’t tell anyone. You finally agree and I start sucking your cock, making eye contact with you and dirty talking the whole time while I deepthroat you and make you cum in my mouth.. ,