Nina Crowne – Tell Your Wife You’re a Cuck

It’s time you embrace being a cuck and come out to your wife about it. Even since before your marriage you know she (Erin) has been cheating on you with other guys, like that co-worker Logan–the one who is obviously alpha. And now she’s going to cheat again. You saw her texts with her ex-boyfriend from high school, the one who got away, Julian. You’ve even screenshotted his pictures so you can jerk off to them and imagine him fucking her. He’s better than you in every way. His dick is bigger, he makes more money, and he’s more attractive. You know she deserves to be fucked by alpha men but you haven’t told her yet. Now is the time. You’re going to come out to her and tell her how beta you are–how you want her to fuck other guys. Then you’re going to grovel to Julian like the pathetic beta bitch you are and beg him to fuck your wife and let you lick his cum out of her. Now’s the beginning of a new chapter of your life where you become the submissive cuck you’ve always dreamed of being. . ,