Nina Crowne – Tomboy Sister Gloved CBT

You’re relaxing on the couch when your sister comes in to annoy you. She’s always been an eccentric type and loves to bully you. She’s wearing thigh high nylon stockings, denim shorts, a backwards baseball cap, and holding a pair of white latex gloves. After settling herself down on the couch next to you, she starts putting her stockinged feet in your face. You plead with her to stop, but she keeps going, laughing at how annoyed you are. Soon, she realizes that you’re actually aroused! While still teasing you, she pulls on the gloves then demands that you take out your cock. It’s fully hard and she laughs at it. She starts jerking you off while slapping around your cock and punching you in the balls. If you didn’t like it you wouldn’t stay hard, so she keeps going. When she can tell you’re getting close, she stops, spits in your face and laughs. You didn’t really think she’d let you cum, did you?. ,