Nina Crowne – Your Last Orgasm

You’ve been after me for a long time, begging for a date and a chance to get to fuck me. Well, tonight’s your lucky night. Or is it? I look sexy in my red lace lingerie and stockings as I tease you after our date. Eventually I ask you what you would give to fuck me. Would you give me one of your testicles? How about both of them? You start to get nervous as I get closer and tell you to relax right before injecting you in the neck with a You’ll get what you want: to fuck me. And I’ll get what I want: to take your last orgasm from you before castrating both your testicles from your body. I put your dick inside me, riding you and getting you nice and creamy wet with my pussy juice before making you cum inside me. After we’re done, I pull on a pair of tight surgical gloves and take out my scalpel. You resist but there’s not much you can do as you get weaker and weaker. Slowly, painfully, I cut off both your testicles. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll heal up nicely…I’ve never had a problem with it before.. ,