Princess Wystri – Ruin It, Loser

I want to have some fun with you today — I’m going to make you regret asking for this. Stroke your cock exactly how I tell you to. Speeding up and slowing down on command, edging and teasing your dick for me again and again. It feels so good even though you know I have something devious in mind. You know that there’s vicious torment ahead of you, but you can’t help keep jerking and edging! When you’re really edged and needy, dripping and throbbing and begging for release — you’re exactly where I want you. And instead of the satisfaction that you crave so desperately, you’re going to ruin your orgasm for me! Just because I said so. Then you’re going to take the pathetic puddle that dribbles out and smear it all over your face. You deserve this, loser. All of your orgasms should be just like this!. ,