Raquel Roper – Feminization Insemination

Welcome to my experiment. Someone has volunteered your consent. Lucky me, to have found a patient with little to no effort. I have you strapped up and spread open, awaiting my arrival and explanation of what is to come. In this experiment, you will be orally and rectally injected with a serum that I’ve been working on for weeks. A serum that contains a concoction of female hormones… and the semen on a a strange, well hung man! I have a theory that the combination together when injected orally andly will transform the individual who injects it into a brainless bimbo. I have worked hard to ensure it’s success. Are you nervous, that you have no choice but to follow through? To be transformed into a drooling bimbo slut by means of oral and injection? This is merely phase one of a long trial venture…. ,