Tatum Christine – Girlfriends Onesided Planned Impregnation

Custom for. I walk into the room wearing your shirt. Ready to seduce you I ask if you want to see what’s underneath. I’ve been thinking of you all day and put it on just for you. I get you real worked up and horny, telling you what every boyfriend wants to hear. I take your cock out and suck you real good, of course. You fuck me, then I beg to get on top and fuck you. You’ve cum in me plenty of times before, but this time you want to cum on me. I tell you no, I just fucked you so good I deserve a cream pie. You try to fight me just a little but I fuck you hard and fast and make you cum inside of me. I tell you not to worry bc I know it’s not what you want right now and I’m on birth control. I tell you I’ll go wash out the big lolad you just put inside of me unwillingly but I want you to go wait in the other room for me while I wash off… except I don’t wash anything out of my pussy. Instead after you leave the room, I lift my legs in the air trying to really get that cum deeper and deeper inside of me. 2 months later I come home from a Dr apt and give you some news. I’m pregnant!! Turns outs I may have done a few things to both myself and to you to make sure it happened.. ,