The Goldy Rush – B-Mail-Fantasy! Make A Sissy Tattoo Or I Will Expose-Fantasy All Your Info – Mistress Misha Goldy – Russianbeauty

You’re going to get a cute little sissy tattoo where no one ever will see it! Right over your little pathetic cock. Ahahah! No woman never will see it here, because they are don’t look at you at all! You are about to get the girliest tattoo, I will help you to choose or even make it. I want it to be pink, maybe with hearts or kisses, something that just scr4e4a4ms “I’m a sissy”, or you should tattoo My name, or tiny cute dick, or a sissy, or a jerker! Ahaha You must do this because you signed a bla4c4k4mail contract and provided Me with all your information. We’re going to take your disgusting little penis and make it cute. You will have the most beautiful little cock ever! You have no choice! After that, you will never feel like a man. And that’s great because you are not a man, you are a sissy bitch who needs a sissy girl tattoo!. ,