The Goldy Rush – Do You Like Being Treated Like Nothing – Mistress Misha Goldy – Russianbeauty

You are sending Me money just because it makes your dumb little piggy cock hard. Only in this way can cum. And every time you click the send button and send your hard-earned money directly to My bank account, it causes you such a stir. And although you know that you will not receive anything in return, you still can’t stop yourself. You are a miserable little pig. You pay Me because you need to get off. Do you like being treated like nothing? You like to hear Me say how little you mean to Me, how I don’t even notice you. You pay Me only for ignoring you! And that you are deserving! And the only attention you get is that I tell you how stupid you are to do it. You are just nothing to Me. You are a useless little loser with hard pathetic cock addicted to Me,s, and financial domination!. Go on! Keep paying Me while I laugh at you and other addicted junkys like you!. ,