The Goldy Rush – I Programing You Into My Addicted Slave! I Will Break You And Make You Weak – Mistress Misha Goldy – Russianbeauty

I’ve already programmed you to get hard as soon as you look at Me and My beautiful body. The moment you hear My voice, your dick thinks that it’s time for a stroke. Indeed, I will let you spur this cock on me. So come on, start twitching, you’re so good at this. My words went deep into your head and started fucking with your mind. I sowed the seeds of addiction, and now you can’t stop thinking about Me, wanting to jerk off at Me over and over again. Now you cannot stand aside. You need this fix, no one else will fit. You only want to be MINE. When you jerk off at Me, time seems to have stopped. Continue edging. You want to submit. You thought you had limits! But this dependence is only growing. I broke you and made you weak. I turn you into My addicted slave. Every time you come to me, you will become more Mine! Now make a puddle of worship, My little addict.. ,