The Goldy Rush – I Want You To Feel My Heels On Your Nuts – Mistress Misha Goldy – Russianbeauty

Today I am going to cr4u4sh your useless dick with your pathetic balls until you realize that you have to keep your useless dick in your pants! I want you to lay down and spread your legs for My dangerous high heels! Ohh, it is also so humiliating, right? I want you to suffer from pain. I want you to cry. I want to see the tears in your eyes! Everything that I will do with My heels on your screen, I want to do on your penis and balls. I want to cr4u4s4h the head of your cock! I hate your cock! Its ugly, pathetic, small and disgusting! You deserve to be broken and ballbusted! I want your balls to burn like hell! I would just like to hit you in the balls. I want you to feel My heels on your nuts. I want to c4r4u4sh your cock and your stupid tiny balls completely!. ,