The Goldy Rush – I Will Train Your Urge To P A Y Me! Day 4 – MISTRESS MISHA GOLDY – RUSSIANBEAUTY

Welcome to this mesmerizing video I made just for you. For a complete immersion in the atmosphere – listen with headphones! Did you know that it takes exactly 21 days to form any habit! Today we will begin to introduce into your life the habit of paying Me, as a result of which you will become exactly who you are on the inside, exactly what you want to become, you will become an absolutely happy pay pig! I know you started to think about financial dominance! The idea of ??a hot Domme rinsing your wallet attracts you. You want to be totally used, devastated, and broken, that’s why you are here, and that’s why you get into the habit of paying Me! And ALL this will be REAL, real interaction! This kind of power exchange is really seductive and addictive. After this training, you will never be able to experience a real orgasm again without giving away large sums of money. Sending amounts that you know you shouldn’t send is such an adrenaline rush. Nothing else beats this rush. During these 21 days, I will penetrate your mind and make you My perfect human wallet!. ,