The Goldy Rush – Manipulation-Fantasy! You Will Not Fuck Me Sugardaddy Instead I Will Fuck Your Wallet – RUSSIANBEAUTY

I know I agreed to be your sugarbaby but… well, I changed My mind. You are so pathetic, an ugly loser with a tiny penis, even if you have a lot of money I don’t want to fuck with idiot like you! So even for all the money in the world, I’m just not going to fuck you. But I am still going to take all your money! How? ahaha very easy lose?! I am not like the other dumb girls you’ve done this with before which you fucked for your money…. but… You idiot told me a lot of information about yourself. I know everything about you, where you live, I know where you work, and I know about your wife. So instead of fucking you, I will fuck your wallet.. ,